Experts in facilitating planning approvals for development of all size, scale, and complexity.

Navigating the often-complex assessment process to ensure your development gets out of the ground.

We are one of the largest, most-experienced, and best-connected development teams in Australia providing trusted and expert planning support.

Our knowledge of relevant legislation and planning provisions is unrivalled. We have strong working relationships with all tiers of government. This ensures we resolve issues quickly and reduce approval timeframes.

We know how best to respond to the concerns of referral agencies and neighbours.  We seal-the-deal when presenting to decision makers in compelling ways.

Advocating for often iconic and always employment-generating development.

Dedicated to retail, offices, industry, hotels and mixed-use, as well as apartment buildings. Leading clients confidently and safely through any government-initiated planning and design review process.

A collective of High Rise & Commercial industry experts

You benefit from the specialist expertise, focus and industry connections of our high-rise and commercial team.


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Facilitating hundreds of approvals for houses and land divisions year after year.

From bespoke, architecturally-designed, mansions to housing for volume home builders.  Working everywhere – urban renewal/infill locations, greenfield sites, and regional areas. 

URPS also has registered private certifiers qualified to issue approvals for straightforward housing applications quickly and economically.

A collective of Residential industry experts

You benefit from the specialist expertise, focus and industry connections of our residential team.

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Focusing on development that binds communities.

Passionate about retirement living and aged care, hospitals and medical clinics, schools and child‑care centres, recreation facilities and emergency services buildings.  There is much at stake as the projects are often delivering for those most in need.

A collective of Health, Education, and Community industry experts

You benefit from the specialist expertise, focus and industry connections of our health, education, and community team.

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Delivering important development beyond our cities, as well as helping government.

Dedicated to agri-business and value-adding industries, renewable energy facilities and tourism development, as well as workers accommodation, housing, and land division. We are also trusted by many councils to provide development assessment support.

A collective of Regional and Government industry experts

You benefit from the specialist expertise, focus and industry connections of our rural and government team.


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Development site with a crane.