Graduate Consultant

Michael Grogan

Michael Grogan

Originally from Victoria, but now operating from South Australia, Michael brings unique skills that means he can work on development projects across States with ease.

He has experience as a planning consultant and in economic development within Local Government in regional settings. This means he understands the role planning plays in supporting the economy and all the things that flow from it – improved urban design, rising employment and increased community wellbeing. 

Successful development facilitation often comes down to effective communication. In this respect, Michael excels. He is clear and comprehensive when speaking or writing. 

Michael is a likeable and obliging person who relates to others with great tact. This means he can see alternative perspectives and adapt accordingly. 

Michael is also a skilled cook who knows that the keys to creating a great meal include top quality ingredients and balance. Not that different from planning really. 

Areas of Expertise

 Development Assessment and Facilitation 

Building relationships 

Regional rejuvenation 

Regional economic development 


Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning (La Trobe University, 2021) 


Planning Institute of Australia – Member