Smart, insightful, and practical policy that facilitates great development and more.

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Experts in policy change that helps governments, landowners and other stakeholders achieve not only consensus, but real progress.

We know how to best navigate the often-complex process of changing policy settings.
The foundation of our policy work is in gathering the right information, preparing compelling evidence, and making well-balanced trade-offs.

Our GIS mapping and analysis, together with clever graphic design that distils information via spatial plans and infographics, makes our policy work even more persuasive

We have great connections across all tiers of government. This ensures that your objectives are clearly heard, any issues are resolved quickly, and support is consistent throughout the process.

Our engagement specialists also know how best to engage with key stakeholders.

Our expert policy offerings include

  • Planning & Design Code Amendments and Planning Scheme Amendments that rezone land.
  • Urban Growth and Housing Strategies.
  • Industrial Needs, Activity Centres and Primary Production Strategies.
  • Governance/Organisational Development.
  • Social Planning.

A collective of Policy experts

You benefit from the specialist expertise, focus and industry connections of our Policy team.


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