Our policy work covers development guidelines, social planning, climate change adaptation, natural resource management and organisational development

The right policy settings that are supported by compelling evidence, clearly articulated objectives and well-balanced trade-offs will shape great communities.

Our Policy Expertise
Planning & Design Code Amendments and Planning Scheme Amendments

Relating to residential, industrial, retail and rural area land uses, as well as more specific issues such as urban growth management, flooding, heritage conservation, licensed premises, natural resources management and site specific re-zonings.

Climate Change Adaptation Planning

Regional and sector-specific climate change adaptation plans, together with decision-making frameworks for climate-related issues such as sea level rise.

Natural Resources Management

Bridging the gap between NRM and planning in management plans for environmentally sensitive areas, community engagement of Water Allocation Plans, Regional Natural Resources Management Plans, stormwater management plans and input to State Government land use plans.

Social Planning

Active aging strategic and action plans, disability access and inclusion plans, social impact assessments, evaluation of urban renewal projects, health promotion and community facilities planning e.g. library services strategies.

Governance/Organisational Development

Strategic Plans and Strategic Plans of Management for Local Government and regional alliances.

And More

Residential growth strategies and housing analysis, industrial needs assessment, character and heritage conservation policy, support for primary production in rural areas and expansion/adaptation of activity centres including bulky goods retailing.

Our policy work is underpinned by our focus on clear project objectives and measures of success, the use of plain English, geographic information system data and mapping, and clever graphic design that distils information via spatial plans and infographics.

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