URPS is a dynamic and diverse firm of town planners and allied professionals

We believe that everyone should live in healthy, connected and prosperous cities and regions. Our work in development, engagement and policy achieves this.


Experts in facilitating planning approvals, we know best how to navigate the often complex development assessment process. Our proven track record, our extensive knowledge of planning matters and our industry leading reputation makes URPS your planners of choice for development facilitation.


Done well, engagement builds positive and productive relationships with stakeholders and the community, generates valuable information, improves the quality of decision making and reduces risk. The varied engagement techniques URPS uses are tailored to the audience and the project objectives, and we pride ourselves on developing new and creative ways to actively engage people.


Policy development is the process of considering: Where are we now? Where do we want to be in the future? How will we get there? The answers can be found using a combination of the gathering of the right information, clever analytical tools and innovative thinking together with tailored stakeholder engagement techniques – skills URPS is widely renowned for.

What sets URPS apart?

We are relationship builders

The more interaction with clients and colleagues the better. We achieve agreement faster when we have strong relationships based on trust. Collaboration also leverages everyone’s expertise and relationships to solve problems.

We bring energy to our work, ensuring that we are always accessible, responsive and adaptable. We are also determined, resilient and proud. And we love to celebrate success.

We turn toward the community, not away from it

Planning plays an important role in shaping lives and supporting health, happiness and wellbeing. We understand the power of community engagement to involve people constructively in shaping great communities.

Community engagement is also often a key risk management tool for project proponents – we see value in being collaborative rather than adversarial.

We see sustainability as a social responsibility that also makes good economic sense

Minimising the effects of and adapting to climate change, as well as protecting our natural assets and minimising resources use, benefits everyone.

It builds resilience to climate risk, harnesses economic opportunities via innovation and job creation, and enhances liveability.

We have a culture of equality

We connect with each other in ways that support career development, leading to empowerment and realisation of our potential.

Diversity is a priority, particularly amongst our leaders. This brings different perspectives which leads to better problem solving, it reflects our clients and colleagues, and it broadens our pool of talent.

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