Brigitte Williams

Brigitte Williams

A key part of our cracking development facilitation team, Brigitte excels in the fast pace and variety of development projects at URPS.

Brigitte knows that the key to moving development applications through the assessment process quickly is clear communication. She is organised, reliable and tenacious. She is also unflappable. The combination of these qualities with her sunny personality is a winning formula.

Like many at URPS, Brigitte has a background in Local Government planning. This includes metropolitan, peri-urban and rural settings. This is where Brigitte honed her talent for helping people decipher the planning system.

Brigitte has also worked in State Government. This has given her a higher-level perspective of the various components of planning including design review, public housing and planning reform. It also means that she has strong relationships with key planners within State Government.

This varied background means that Brigitte can target information so that it speaks to decision makers.

Brigitte also gets a real buzz from seeing development progress from plans to project completion. She is more than ready to play her part.

Areas of Expertise

Development Assessment and Facilitation

Advice and Negotiation

Project Management


Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (Honours), University of South Australia (2018)

Professional Affiliations

Planning Institute of Australia