The Most Important Meal of the Day

We enjoyed co-sponsoring the PIA SA breakfast with the Hon Nick Champion MP, Minister for Planning, last Friday.

Kate Hart, PIA SA President, extracted some frank commentary from Minister Champion about the housing crisis, the importance of the new 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide and the significance of the Franklin Street redevelopment as SA’s first urban renewal project in the CBD.

The Minister challenged us to think about improving career pathways into planning, the alignment between employment and housing, and South Australia’s move to decarbonisation and green hydrogen.  He also emphasised the need to get the mix of housing and greening right, noting that greenfield development cannot be limitless.

State Planning Commissioner, Craig Holden, then got us thinking about the Regional Planning program and the importance of working with local councils to maximise community input, particularly from young people. He emphasised that there have been 87 Code Amendments lodged to date soon to be followed by the Expert Panel’s review of the new planning system. And he stressed the need for climate readiness via good building practice across all homes and not just new ones.

It was a bounty of ideas fuelling our breakfast. Thanks also to our co-sponsors Mellor Olsson Lawyers.

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