Council’s Big Steps for Kaurna Cultural Heritage

We are excited to be walking alongside the City of Burnside as it takes the big step preparing a framework to better protect, acknowledge and share Kaurna culture.

The Kaurna Cultural Heritage Framework is part of the City of Burnside’s push to play a stronger part in reconciliation through its first ever Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and Working Group.  The Framework builds on the relationship between Council and the Kaurna community created through collaboration on the Kensington Wama/Kensington Gardens Reserve upgrade.

To kick-off preparation of the Framework, Kaurna and Council leaders came together to understand the deep importance of Kaurna cultural heritage and how they can better work together to increase Council’s influence in this area.

The Framework will provide principles to guide Council’s collaborative efforts with the Kaurna community.  It will also include a stocktake of Council’s operations to identify areas where there is potential to positively impact Kaurna cultural heritage.

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