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Many Hands Make Light Work

We are relationship builders at URPS.  The more interaction with colleagues and clients the better.  Collaboration leverages everyone’s expertise and relationships to solve problems.  We …

It Pays to Engage

Estia Health is again reaping the rewards of voluntary community engagement as part of the development process. Following our success facilitating approval for the redevelopment …

A Better Way

An appropriate balance between proponent and neighbour rights in the development assessment process is sometimes elusive. We recently lodged a DA for a two-storey dwelling …

Trade Training – Vital Facilities for the West

The Port Adelaide region is home to the much-publicised Osborne Naval Shipyard.  This high-tech defence industry means thousands of jobs and prosperity for the South …

More Housing Choice at Glenside

In July last year, we wrote about the approval of more than 60 two storey dwellings on the Glenside site (see  Cedar Woods is …