Rezonings Continue

The Minister for Planning & Local Government, the Hon. Vickie Chapman, has announced that the third and final stage of South Australia’s transformational planning reforms will go-live on 19 March 2021.

This means that all South Australian Councils will be operating under the new Planning and Design Code (Code) from this date.

The continuation of Development Plan Amendments (DPAs) in the run-up to activation of the Code has been critical to ensuring planning policy remains up to date.

A significant DPA being advanced by URPS is for the rezoning of brownfield land at the corner of Days Road and Regency Road, Croydon Park for residential and retail/commercial development.  This DPA was landowner funded and will translate to shovel ready development that delivers employment generators and housing that is much needed in this location.

Land at Kanmantoo will also be rezoned for employment land.  This DPA is linked to an infrastructure agreement that will help fund the development of key roads.

We have carefully crafted the policy in these DPAs to ensure clear alignment with anticipated Code zones and policy content, making the transition from Development Plan to Code as smooth as possible.

We are also currently progressing several Code Amendments under the the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016.  

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