Concrete: 1 Part Engagement, 2 Parts Planning, 4 Parts Great Management

Development requires building materials.  This includes concrete.  Batching the concrete for different uses involves skill, hard work and some significant infrastructure.  It is an intensive activity that requires careful management to minimise impacts.

Premix Concrete is establishing a new concrete batching plant at Kanmantoo to meet demand from the residential, industrial and agribusiness sectors in the rapidly growing wider Mount Barker region.  The site is located near the Hillgrove Resources Mine and the Neutrog fertiliser site.  It sits in the Primary Production Zone where this type of development is non-complying.

Confident in the environmental management of their facilities and committed to strong relationships with neighbours, URPS and TSM Consulting, helped Premix Concrete actively engage with the local community prior to lodging their non-complying development application.  This included distributing information flyers, meeting with the local Kanmantoo Callington Community Consultative Committee (K4C) and working through the Committee’s Master Plan. Premix went on to host an open day at their existing facility at Salisbury.

The community told us that “It’s great to see people who are so enthusiastic and passionate about their product and with a commitment to achieving best practice standards”.

The EPA was supportive of the management of environmental impacts, noting that the existing Premix Concrete plant in Salisbury is a facility utilising best environmental practice as promoted on the EPA website.

Careful consideration was given to the appropriateness of the land use, noise impact on the Callington township, environmental, heritage and traffic impacts before the Council Assessment Panel unanimously resolved to approve the application.  Several members of the Council Assessment Panel commented how useful the visual impact assessment undertaken by Clover was in the assessment process. Great work Premix Concrete, with support from Clover, CIRQA, Sonus, Intrax Projects, Zummo Design and TSM Consulting.

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