On the National Stage

This week’s National Climate Adaptation conference in Adelaide saw a gathering of those at the forefront of climate change adaptation.

URPS had not one but two of our projects showcased at the conference.

The first was the Cool Refuge project for the Campbelltown City Council – the first of its kind in South Australia.  Our Nicole Halsey talked about how we can support people during heatwaves by providing cool community spaces.  Conference attendees took away some great tips for their own communities.

The second was the Resilient South Regional Youth Climate Forum short film which formed part of the conference’s very own AdaptFest film festival.  This film amplified the views of young people about climate change in a room full of those who can make a difference – special stuff.

A big shout-out to Campbelltown City Council and Resilient South for involving us in such important projects and for being great people to work alongside.  They are the type of projects that elevate any conference.

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