Always Up to Date

Strategic plans should be regularly reviewed to ensure that they respond to emerging issues and trends.

The Eyre Peninsula Strategic Plan is no different.  The world has changed significantly since the 2019 version and the community’s concerns, needs and aspirations needed to be re-evaluated.

In our work updating this Strategic Plan three things jumped out at us:

  1. Lack of adequate health care – for example, there are less doctors on the Eyre Peninsula per capita than in South Sudan.
  2. Inhibitors to growth – there are significant shortages in a wide range of services e.g. child care and education.  There are also shortages in trades people and building materials.
  3. The good and bad of Tourism – a boom in tourism during the Covid Pandemic brought income to the region.  At the same time, it exposed some shortcomings in tourism infrastructure and environmental safeguards.


The Eyre Peninsula Strategic Region Plan 2023-2026 provides a contemporary road map to follow that reflects to social, economic and physical landscape of the Eyre Peninsula.

Project partners Regional Development Australia Eyre Peninsula, Eyre Peninsula Local Government Association and Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board can be assured that this map is up to date.

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