Franklin Harbour to Flourish

The Franklin Harbour region on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia has many strengths.  A stunning coastline, abundant local seafood and a thriving aquaculture industry.  There are also large areas of productive rural land.

Like many regional locations, it also has its challenges.  The population has been stagnant for many years.  Development costs are high due to the distances involved for materials delivery, infrastructure augmentation and access to trades.

The District Council of Franklin Harbour had its eyes focused on these strengths and challenges when preparing its new Growth Strategy with help from URPS.

Cowell is the main urban centre.  It has untapped potential.

There will be greater emphasis on the aquaculture industry as an authentic tourist experience.  Cowell’s main street will have public realm enhancements that capitalise on its historic country town character.  The established but underdeveloped zones in Cowell will be preferred over further urban expansion that would otherwise stretch Council’s resources.

The recent revamp of the foreshore at Cowell shows how effective a regional council like Franklin Harbor can be when it focuses its efforts.  The new Growth Strategy does just that.

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