Performance Assessment Wins the Day

Development assessment gets interesting when we get to the heart of performance assessment.

Designated Performance Features (DPF) are not minimum or maximum quantitative standards.  Satisfaction of Desired Outcomes and Performance Outcomes is the goal, not slavish adherence to quantitative measures.

Kite Projects’ luxury townhouse development “The Gardens” at Fulham Gardens is a great example of performance assessment working.

This medium density housing offering saw Enzo Caroscio Architects create artfully designed, three-to-four bedroom homes with great amenity and street appeal.

The relevant Zone anticipates low density development with higher densities closer to public open space and activity centres.  The relevant DPF includes a minimum lot size of 250m2.  The proposal has lot sizes as small as 177m2.

How close does a site have to be to qualify for higher density?  In this case, we argued that large areas of public open space and an activity centre are within walking distance as defined in the 30 Year Plan.

Is it a strength or a weakness of the Planning & Design Code that we had to refer to the 30 Year Plan to help explain what “close” is?  You be the judge.

In the end, performance assessment wins the day.  Thanks Charles Sturt Council for engaging with us and focusing on satisfaction of Performance Outcomes.

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