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Our Growing Construction Engagement Team

The construction industry needs a social license to get things built.  This reduces the risk of delays and associated costs, enhances organisational reputations and meets community expectations.

We are continuing to grow our engagement team to meet demand.  Our latest addition is Jane Wilson.

Jane is a stakeholder engagement and community engagement specialist.  She is a great writer and presenter who works hard at clear messaging for different audiences and different levels of understanding.

Skilled at facilitation and negotiation, Jane’s empathetic nature builds trust enabling her to have hard conversations to find common ground.  Jane can also quickly identify risk from different perspectives.  She can then offer approaches that are fit-for-purpose and agile to respond to changing circumstances.

Extensive experience in the utilities industry means that Jane can translate the technical into the simple.  Her work in the public sector for many years also means that has strong political acumen and knows the importance of good governance.

We know that you will enjoy working with Jane as much as we do.

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