Construction Engagement – A Walk in the Park Lands

What do you do when you’re about to build a wetland one and a half times the size of Adelaide Oval? You make sure the local community is well informed.

That’s what our construction engagement team are doing with ProcurePM on behalf of the Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Project.

This project will see a new wetland created in the southern section of Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi (Park 16) to manage flooding from Park Lands Creek and within downstream neighbourhoods.  It will also improve water quality, enhance biodiversity and create greater amenity for park users.

URPS has been working alongside ProcurePM’s project managers for some months now while designs have been finalised and construction begins to mobilise.  We are working with park users, Councils, lease holders, casual users, nearby residents and business owners to make sure that people know what is happening and how it will impact on them.

Our community open day in December was a great chance to catch locals/park users to explain why this special part of the Adelaide Park Lands is going to be impacted for a short time.  Feedback was extremely positive showing that, once again, proactive engagement is an effective tool for managing impacts on stakeholders, as we well as organisation and project reputations.

We also delivered this event in a COVID safe format – ensuring displays were arranged to encourage social distancing and safety for all attendees.

We will continue to provide construction engagement services throughout the build, with works likely to take about 12 months.

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