Listen, Agree, Approve

At URPS we talk a lot about turning towards the community, not away from it.  We apply this organisational value at every opportunity.  And it works.

How do we do this?  A good example is when representors object to development projects that we are supporting.  We take the time to contact and meet with these representors.  Often, listening to their concerns and discussing solutions results in them withdrawing their representations.

This means:

  • Neighbours feel better about the project happening nearby.
  • Councils can make decisions under delegated authority.
  • Development Applications are de-risked and sped up.

This happened yet again with the recent approval of a substantial new building and on-site parking at St Joseph’s School at Hectorville.

Thanks DesignInc for great plans.

Thanks CPR for helping explain some of the structural implications for the neighbours.

Thanks neighbours for speaking with us and withdrawing your representations.

Thanks Campbeltown Council for issuing approval.

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