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The Best Way to Predict Your Future is to Create It

A key part of what sets URPS apart is that we turn towards the community, not away from it.

We know that planning plays and important role in shaping lives and supporting health, happiness and wellbeing.  We understand the power of community engagement to involve people constructively in shaping great communities.

This is why Matt King and Anna Pannell took time to speak to students at Kildare College recently about planning and environmental science.

We were able to explain to the students how we see sustainability as a social responsibility that also makes good economic sense.  Minimising the effects of and adapting to climate change, as well as protecting our natural assets and minimising resources use, benefits everyone.  It builds resilience to climate risk, harnesses economic opportunities via innovation and job creation and enhances liveability.

This type of interaction with high school students empowers them to help solve some of biggest challenges society faces.  We really enjoy see young people respond with great optimism and enthusiasm.

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