Moonta Street Revitalisation Wins Award

In June last year we told you about our construction engagement for the Moonta Street Revitalisation: https://www.urps.com.au/agile-engagement-matched-to-moonta-street/

We explained that every community is unique and requires communication adapted to its needs.  In this case, that meant more frequent information translated into Chinese together with relying on recognised community leaders to disseminate information.

No amount of good engagement can change the fact that construction projects can be disruptive.  What good engagement did in Moonta Street was manage the needs and expectations of stakeholders, along with the construction team and client, to minimise disturbance.

This is why we share a great sense of achievement together with the City of Adelaide, the South Australian Government and BMD about the Moonta Street project receiving an award from the Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture last Friday.

The Judges’ citation makes note that:

“…The project team successfully and effectively managed a broad range of stakeholders and worked extensively with businesses to ensure continuation of services for the duration of the construction period…”

Photo credit: Daryl Tian

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