Light Turns Green

Light Regional Council is not just talking about sustainability – it has now developed a plan for action.

The Environmental Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan covers five themes: climate, energy, waste, water and landscapes. Knowing that success is addictive, we’ve been working hard with Council to make sure this plan is full of actions that deliver multiple benefits for the community, economy and environment.

Some opportunities that will have multiple benefits for the region include:

  • Climate: planting more trees in townships will cool urban spaces, support biodiversity, enhance amenity, improve air quality and absorb carbon dioxide.
  • Energy: investing in more renewable energy generation on Council buildings will reduce both electricity bills and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Waste: supporting the community to recycle more will reduce waste to landfill and associated greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the costs of Council’s kerbside waste collection and provides opportunities for local green industries.
  • Water: increasing stormwater capture and reuse will reduce harmful flows into our natural waterways and marine environments, as well as increase soil moisture and reduce reliance on mains water.
  • Landscapes: supporting private landowners to plant native vegetation can protect crops, improve crop pollination and provide corridors for wildlife movement.


This terrific plan will see Light Regional Council accelerate towards greater environmental sustainability.

Photo credit – Light Regional Council

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