Più Pizza per Tutti

Creating economically vibrant regional areas is a key focus for planners in South Australia.  This doesn’t happen by chance – it is helped by the right planning policy settings.

Pizzateca is a well-known and popular location in McLaren Vale for pizza, wine and tiramisu.  Leveraging this great reputation, Pizzateca intends to develop a new restaurant and function facility with capacity for up to 400 people.

The development application for this expansion, facilitated by URPS, benefited from a policy shift in the new Planning & Design Code.

Where previously shops with a floor area over 250m2 were non-complying in the old Development Plan, the new Rural Zone designates shops/restaurants with a floor area up to 1,000m2 as performance assessed.

This planning policy change facilitates an expanded economic base in regions such as McLaren Vale, providing for diversification of existing businesses that value-add to primary production.

In the end, this means more pizza for everyone – sounds good to us.

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