Principal Consultant

Brendan Fewster

Brendan Fewster

If you haven’t come across Brendan, you haven’t lodged a development application in South Australia.

Brendan has worked as an assessment consultant for just about every local council in the State. His reputation for getting through high volumes of development applications and managing more challenging proposals precedes him. He has written more Council Assessment Panel reports that most people have had hot dinners.

Hailing from the Riverland, Brendan’s values are typical of many country people – reliable, hard-working, helpful and friendly. A four-year stint as a planner in the United Kingdom early in his career also exposed him to different planning systems and different ways of approaching planning.

Years working as a consultant in development assessment and facilitation means that Brendan knows the workings of the development legislation, the interaction between various planning guidelines and what matters most when assessing/facilitating development applications.

Put simply, Brendan has everything you need in a development assessment planner – experience, reliability and pragmatism. Oh, and a reputation that means those who need to listen to him do.

Areas of expertise

Development Assessment and Facilitation

Expert Evidence in ERD Court

Government Consulting

Advice, negotiating and reporting

Project Management


Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning,
University of South Australia (1998)