New Bar Continues to Chronicle St Kilda

New Bar Continues to Chronicle St Kilda

The Chronicles Bar, which bears the name of the much-loved bookshop that once occupied the site in Fitzroy Street at St Kilda, opened the minute the Covid restrictions allowed.

Aside from adversities of Covid-19, what made this site challenging was its direct interface with the dwellings that form part of the same heritage graded building.  A waiver of car parking was also necessary.

We were part of the team that carefully and architecturally designed both interior and exterior in ways that:

  • Thoughtfully and respectfully responded to heritage and urban design considerations.
  • Appropriately managed the potential for adverse neighbouring amenity impacts by limiting patrons and operating hours, and proactive waste management initiatives.
  • Ensured there was adequate car parking in the neighbourhood, particularly given the complementary nature of surrounding businesses.

It was a pleasure to work with two very passionate hospitality professionals who remained open minded and trusting of the design process and overall strategy.  We got a real buzz helping them realise their dream of a neighbourhood friendly venue that offers high-end craft beer, wine and spirits with a focus on independent and Australian Products.

Chronicles Bar – a place for more St Kilda history to be made and recorded.

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