More is More

Jake Vaccarella is yet another great addition to our Development team at URPS.

You can’t miss him – tall, friendly and with an easy smile.  His charm is matched with a dedication to facilitating development approvals.

Jake knows the value of quick and certain planning approvals.  His extensive experience in Local Government is a key asset in this regard.

Jake also gets a real kick out of delivering on a promise to a client.  This is especially when challenged by a complex development proposal where the solution may not be immediately obvious.

Very organised, Jake’s desk is always neat.  It is a window to how he thinks and behaves.  He is meticulous and very goal orientated – he says what he means and does what he says.

It’s the combination of his dedication, adaptability and likeability that makes Jake a popular member of the development community and a great new member of URPS.

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