More Housing Choice at Glenside

In July last year, we wrote about the approval of more than 60 two storey dwellings on the Glenside site (see  Cedar Woods is continuing full steam ahead with SCAP’s more recent approval of 49 apartments in the south-west portion of the site.

This six-storey building is the third apartment building for the site with more in the pipeline.

Hames Sharley did a great job concealing the two levels of above ground car parking by sleeving them with apartments, also creating an attractive podium building form.  The driveway access will be shared with a future adjacent apartment building maximising infrastructure efficiency and landscaped space around buildings.

Residents will enjoy a terrific outlook towards the existing trees that have been preserved along the Fullarton Road frontage.  They will also be protected from noise by well-considered attenuation features recommended by Resonate and integrated seamlessly into the building, some of which include treated walls, ceilings and floors, as well as carefully selected windows and doors.

We’d like to acknowledge the quick turnaround of comments from the City of Burnside.  We were also pleased with Council’s pragmatism with respect to visitor parking throughout the precinct as a whole.

Thanks also to SCAP for a timely assessment of a project that provides even more great housing choice at Glenside.

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