Infill Development that Sings

20210225-TorrensPark_External Rear_High 2

Developers Otello “compose townhouses, mixed use developments, luxury residences and affordable housing alternatives in sought-after Adelaide suburbs.  Streetwise, socially conscious and neighbourhood focused – Otello puts urban living in context”.

They challenged Architects Ink to design five dwellings in McLaren Street, Torrens Pak, that realised this vision.

There were also some challenges convincing the Council that the side setbacks of the development could be less than the quantitative planning guidelines.  We believed that the setbacks addressed neighbour and streetscape amenity impacts, while also providing improved living space for future occupants.  More specifically, we stated:

The architecture is analogous to that found in an “Esplanade setting”, whereby the built-form is closed on each side and open at the ends, directing views away from neighbouring properties.

The dwellings all feature private courtyards that are connected to the main living areas but which are enclosed from each adjoining dwelling within the development site.

The more generous setbacks are reserved for the dwellings which abut existing dwellings on adjoining land, meaning external shadow and visual impacts are appropriately managed.

The Council ultimately accepted this position and granted approval.  These houses are being very well received by the market. 

Congrats Otello and Architects Ink on realising a fantastic project on a difficult parcel of land.  Another great infill project for Adelaide.

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