Great Clients Doing Another Great Project

Thanks Genworth for getting us involved in the redevelopment of 50-62 Sussex Street, North Adelaide.

A relatively large and unloved site in a Historic Area Overlay amongst several Heritage Places, this was always going to be a challenging location to redevelop and keep neighbours happy.

The initial proposal involved a pair of three storey buildings.  Council’s heritage advisor was supportive of the well-considered design.  Regardless, it attracted 11 representations in opposition during the public notification.

Genworth considered its proposal carefully and decided to reduce the height of the buildings to two storeys.

It proved to be a great decision.

During the second round of public notification required by Council only 3 representations in opposition were received.

The City of Adelaide’s Assessment Panel also commended Genworth for this significant design change.

In their unanimous approval, CAP members said it is a “model development” that is “extremely well resolved”.

We can’t wait to see this one go up.

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