Celebrating Good Times in the Best of SA

Everyone knows that the Hills and rural areas surrounding Adelaide are one of South Australia’s best assets.  We’d be foolish not to capitalise on these assets and celebrate the best the State has to offer.

“State Planning Policy 8: Primary Industry” recognises the importance of value adding activities in rural areas being major generators of economic activity and employment.  Similarly, the Policy recognises the desirability of a range of productive and value-adding activities co-existing on rural land.

As we wrote about last month for Pizzateca in McLaren Vale, the Planning & Design Code is helping make this happen.

Another great example is Adelaide Hills Council’s recent approval of a function centre at Nether Hill Farm in the Kenton Valley.

The development application was not without its challenges.  When first submitted under the Development Plan, function centres were not an envisaged land use and Council had concerns with impacts on rural land, neighbours and the watershed.

Function centres are now an anticipated activity in the new Productive Rural Landscape Zone under the Planning & Design Code.

We made sure that the Nether Hill Farm function centre sat comfortably with neighbours, making use of existing buildings and ensuring ongoing productive use of this rural land.  We also reached out to some neighbours who initially expressed concerns and were able to satisfy them.

Located in the Mount Lofty Ranges Water Supply Catchment (Area 2) Overlay, the EPA was happy with the proposed new on-site waste control system.

Whether it be at Nether Hill Farm or Pizzateca, we are excited to see the Planning & Design Code is helping people celebrate good times in our fantastically accessible and beautiful rural areas.

Image courtesy of Jaz Anderson Photography

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