Always Special

Great excitement for URPS at the UDIA SA Awards last Friday night.

Firstly, we were thrilled to see SA Water win both the Social and Community Infrastructure and the Environmental Excellence Awards for the opening of various reservoirs to public access and recreational use.  We enjoyed playing our part in these projects helping SA Water with the community engagement and development approvals.

But the real highlight for us was seeing Anita Allen receive the Women in Leadership Award for her long-term contribution to the South Australian urban development sector.

Anita has done it all in planning – development assessment, strategic planning, community engagement and system reform.

She is perhaps best known for her central role in shaping the South Australian planning system as it is today.  This includes the introduction of the State Planning Policies, the Planning & Design Code, the Community Engagement Charter, the Accreditation Scheme and new models of assessment, governance and infrastructure planning.

Anita led the State Government’s Case Management Service for significant development applications in the CBD and inner metropolitan area.  She has also been responsible for the delivery of the State’s rezoning program.

Fantastic recognition for Anita’s versatility, reform-focus and leadership skill.

Image Credit – UDIA SA

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