A New Look and More for URPS

We are excited to share our new look with you.  It reflects where we have come from and embraces where we are heading.

We have preserved our name with a refresh of our green colours.  We have also refined our integrated circles to reflect our core service areas – development, policy and engagement.

URPS is undergoing unprecedented growth with the addition of 11 new people over the past 18 months, bringing our team to 24.

Along with our new look and growing team, we are excited to share the values we think set us apart:

  • We build relationships.
  • We see sustainability as a social responsibility that also makes good economic sense.
  • We turn toward the community, not away from it.
  • We have a culture of equality.

The application of these values in our work will help us ensure that everyone lives in healthy, connected and prosperous cities and regions. 

Let us help you achieve the same with your next project.

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More Great Additions to URPS

Rebecca Rutschack and Chelsea Jurek are the newest members of the URPS team. They are both experienced development facilitators known for clear communication, excellent negotiation

New Roles for Emily and Carin

New Roles for Emily and Carin

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